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Our mission is to create a healthier society by improving quality of life 

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About Us

Sana Vivo is a leading massage chair manufacturer offering quality and advanced technology. Our R&D and sales teams work together to bring you more joy and continuously improving daily lives of our users.

Our Mission

A Healthy Life is a Happy Life!

Revive your mind

Researches reveals that body massage helps to fight depression and increasing positive feelings

כורסת עיסוי

Quality of Life

In the 21st century, it isn't enough to just live a long life. Longer life expectancies have also heightened demand for a higher quality of life.


Designing the future

We have created masterpieces that will improve your future trough a life changing massage chairs technology XD and XD Pro

outstanding results

Massage is promoting blood circulations that prevent your body from suffering health issues , weekly basis uses helps your body to fight negativity mind and improves your overall health

Why Choose Us

24/7 online support

You are our first priority!

Endless Updates

We continuously update our software in order to be at the forefront of technological developments.

5 Year Warranty

We believe in our products! That is why we offer the longest and most extensive warranty on the market.


Our Massage Chairs are produced with only the highest quality parts.

Client Testimonials

"Great product and even better service!"
Simon Hu
“I suffer from severe back and body pains so I decided to buy a massage chair. I found relied in Russo”
Daniel Gould
“Thanks to the Sana Vivo team for the great experience! ”
Carla Berlinger

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