Russo XD5000


  • Flagship model of Sana Vivo
  • First-class massage chair
  • Artificial intelligence system
  • Leg rollers
  • Zero Gravity
  • A wide variety of automatic programs
  • Massage experience at the highest level

A new category in massage chairs
X-treme Dimension (XD)

Full Body Reach™ Multi Stroke 6 roller system
XD takes you to the edge of the massage chair’s capabilities to complete a massage experience at a level above expectations.

2 massage engines
Two massage robots sense the body and perform a massage at the level of professional treatment simulating contact by the hands of a masseuse. The motors simulate the touch of eight hands simultaneously.

Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity simulates a space state where the body is in levitation for a full body feeling and helps you get the massage you’ve been dreaming of.

Massage chair
stretch range
Sana Vivo chairs reach a stretch position up to 220 degrees to open and soften the body leaving the user feeling airy at the end of each treatment.

Feel the combination of advanced technology and the highest quality!


Massage chair
Layers of air cushions – Japanese shiatsu massage
Based on a highly innovative design, the Russo uses more massaging air cushions than ever before for a full body experience. Built-in air cushions use compression technology to massage muscles in the arms, shoulders, waist, legs and feet. The layered air cushions are precisely programmed to rhythmically inflate and deflate according to the mechanics of the chair, giving a gentle but effective compression massage that treats the muscles of the arms, legs and thighs.

feel in Tuscany
The new footrest offers heated knee massage, calf massage, and ankle and foot massage with triple reflexology rollers. Enjoy an innovative holistic treatment that combines stretching, heat, compression massage and reflexology. The reflexology massager targets several areas of the feet to massage and stimulate pressure points. Be calm and feel like you’re on vacation all the time – from home!

luxury brand
A new brand in Israel, Sana Vivo is the Haggadah of European luxury

Wrapped in massage
The shape of the bienko wraps all parts of the body with 8 hands, so that the user is wrapped in a massage throughout the duration of the operation.

Economical form
The shape of the chair looks natural when it rotates back to a reclining position, using a space-saving feature that requires almost no space between the chair and the wall.

Massage chair
convey prestige
Sana Vivo offers the highest quality and the most advanced technology in the field of massage chairs. A different feeling for the user and an unprecedented design that you can’t help but notice.

Round shape saves space
All Sana Vivo armchairs are built under the strictest supervision and supervision. This is why it is possible to offer the longest warranty in the field.

The new touch display remote is mounted within reach, and the display changes dynamically while using the chair. It’s easy to get a professional massage for the whole body by visiting one of the professionally structured massage sessions. The built-in USB port and wireless charging port allow you to keep your phone or desk charged during your massage.

Tablet screen

Quick access arm console

Wireless QI and USB charging ports
Massage programs
Massage sessions offer massage programs based on chair features, mood, targeted body part and time of day.

Remote for a massage chair
Massage chair
Full control with 4 languages
Brand new touchscreen control panel with pre-programmed massage sessions that make sophisticated use of the chair’s advanced mechanics. The chair also includes a convenient built-in wireless phone charger plus wireless Bluetooth speakers with surround sound that connect to the user’s own music player.

Remote guide
Download a guide
Massage programs are based on mood
Deep massage
Deep massage
This premium stretching massage program is designed to make full use of the innovative stretching technology.

A medium-high intensity massage that focuses on relieving pain and tension; Encouraging and energetic and active attitude.

Rest mode program.

The affirmations mode uses integrated work to provide a relaxing yet stimulating session of energy work.

Massage program – targeted body parts
This premium air cushion massage program is designed to make full use of the innovative stretch technology.

neck and shoulder
A medium-high intensity massage that focuses on alleviating pain in the neck and shoulders.

Spine and waist
medium intensity stretching massage; Promotes health and a calm mind.

Narrow massage
Spot and thorough treatment along the spine to reduce stress and pressure.

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