Azzurro XD8000


  • Flagship model of Sana Vivo
  • First-class massage chair
  • Artificial intelligence system
  • Leg rollers
  • Zero Gravity
  • A wide variety of automatic programs
  • Massage experience at the highest level


XD Technology

Choosing a massage chair is one of the most important choices you will make in life, a massage chair is your partner for a healthier, happier, happier and of course higher quality life.

When you choose a massage chair, you want to make the right choice that will serve you for many years to come!


The Azzuro XD8000 chair from SAna and Vivo is the chair that will answer all the fantasies you’ve ever dreamed of receiving in a massage chair.

Massage Robots

Built-in massage robots with the ability to learn the dimensions of the body and the accuracy of the massage using sensors will convey to you the feeling that you are receiving treatment for every part of your body at the level of a therapist, the armchair is built in such a way that you receive a massage from four therapists at the same time,

The upper XD robot treats from the head to the lower back, the lower double XD robot treats the area of the thighs, buttocks and lower back.


The footrest of his area is divided into 2 massage robots built in artificial intelligence to scan the calves and feet for a dreamy and precise massage, equipped with dynamic air cushions and rollers for every point in the foot and calf, in addition heel massage using two-way pressure points.


The armrests receive a massage divided into 2 zones at the kneading level using the dynamic air cushions and illustrate a clean treatment for each part of the hand.

Every part of the chair is designed to give you an answer to your wildest dreams about a massage chair.

Innovative Design

As part of the innovative design of his area, you can enjoy an adjustable position that can only be found in the most advanced electric and inversion beds in the world, the armchair using a double rail that flexes backwards gives you a lying angle of 220 degrees, reduces the pressure that acts on the heart and allows you to receive a massage while you are in the Zero G 2.0 mode that simulates levitation technology In the space the body feels so light and together with a precise massage touch along the body you experience the future every time you sit on its area.


SANA VIVO models meet the strictest requirements of the international brand and we are required to provide you with a service that is unmatched anywhere!

5-Year Warranty

Personal support for life, a full 5-year warranty on all parts of the armchair, an annual visit by a technician to check the health of the armchair and software updates, coordinating a visit of a representative to your home for training, all so that you can enjoy the luxury that the SANA VIVO models offer you.

Each model receives precise development and planning work and you can feel it from the first time! SANA VIVO a love story for life!

The highest quality with the most advanced technology in massage chairs

X-treme Dimension (XD)

XD takes you to the edge of the massage chair’s capabilities to complete a massage experience at a level above expectations.

4 Massage Motors

Two massage robots sense the body and perform a massage at the level of professional treatment simulating contact by the hands of a masseuse. The motors simulate the touch of eight hands simultaneously. + 2 massage robots in the footrest divided into 2 feet and calves up to knees

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity simulates a space state where the body is in levitation for a full body feeling and helps you get the massage you’ve been dreaming of.

Sana Vivo chairs reach a stretch position up to 220 degrees to open and soften the body leaving the user feeling airy at the end of each treatment.

Feel the combination of advanced technology and the highest quality!

Layers of air cushions – Japanese shiatsu massage

Based on a highly innovative design, the Azzurro uses more massaging air cushions than ever before for a full body experience. Built-in air cushions use compression technology to massage muscles in the arms, shoulders, waist, legs and feet. The layered air cushions are precisely programmed to rhythmically inflate and deflate according to the mechanics of the chair, giving a gentle but effective compression massage that treats the muscles of the arms, legs and thighs.

Feel in Tuscany

The new footrest offers heated knee massage, calf massage, and ankle and foot massage with triple reflexology rollers. Enjoy an innovative holistic treatment that combines stretching, heat, compression massage and reflexology. The reflexology massager targets several areas of the feet to massage and stimulate pressure points. Be calm and feel like you’re on vacation all the time – from home!

Designed for Luxury

A new brand in Israel, Sana Vivo is the Haggadah of European luxury

“Designed to wrap around your body”

Unlike massage chairs with a clunky footrest unit that feels disconnected from the rest of the chair, the form factor of the Supreme Hybrid wraps all parts into a smooth and comfortable rounded body.

The Shape

The shape of the chair looks natural when it rotates back to a reclining position, using a space-saving Wall Hugger feature that requires almost no space between the chair and the wall – unlike health equipment that bypasses a living space.

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